Cara Mengunakan Uniscan Vulnrable website

pertama buka terminal Kali :v

ketikan ini $ seperti dibawah

-h     help
-u     example:
-f     list of url’s
-b     Uniscan go to background
-q     Enable Directory checks
-w     Enable File checks
-e     Enable robots.txt and sitemap.xml check
-d     Enable Dynamic checks
-s     Enable Static checks
-r     Enable Stress checks
-i     Bing search
-o     Google search
-g     Web fingerprint
-j     Server fingerprint

[1] perl ./ -u -qweds
[2] perl ./ -f sites.txt -bqweds
[3] perl ./ -i uniscan
[4] perl ./ -i “”
[5] perl ./ -o “inurl:test”
[6] perl ./ -u -r


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